As a book blogger I am always on the look out for new books to read and review. If you are an author/publisher and would like me to review a book, please contact me on the email below. Please know that your book will be given a honest review. Before contacting me, please make sure that your book fits the policy/terms below. 


Books I Will Accept:

YA (Young Adult) Books
Unpublished Proofs
NA (New Adult) Books

I Will Not Accept:

Baby/Toddler Books
Young Children Books
Adult Books

Review Published:

Your review will be published within two weeks of receiving the book.

Review Will Be Published On:

My review will be published on TheTheoryOfBooks and the review link will be shared across my social networks, this includes Goodreads and Amazon (if Amazon will allow it).

*If you have any questions please contact me through email.

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